Direct Primary Care
The average primary care office visit lasts no more than 17 minutes.
We all deserve better.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an alternative healthcare model that prioritizes the patient-doctor relationship to give patients the time and attention they need.


We keep our patient base small to offer our patients unlimited primary care access via in-person office visits or on-the-go via phone, text, email, or video chat.

Patient Choice

Our patients are active partners in their healthcare and fully involved in all medical and financial choices due to patient-doctor transparency and open dialogue.

Transparent Pricing

We charge a flat monthly fee to cover comprehensive primary healthcare services, eliminating the traditional Fee-For-Service(FFS) incentives in primary care that reward volume over value.


We take the time to make appropriate referrals and serve as patient guides to navigate specialty care and the broader healthcare system.


We believe that the healthcare system must provide patients with higher-quality, lower-cost care with the ultimate goal of health and wellbeing.

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